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Z – Remember, when you get impatient with God, He never gets impatient with you. 



Z has been learning about creation at church recently.  After picking her up from her room on Sunday, I asked her what she had learned about.  She told me about how God created water, fish, etc.  Then she asked this….

“Mommy, who created God?”

before I could answer, she then asked…

“Who created Jesus?”

I said “God.  God created Jesus.”

She then started laughing at me and said “Mommmmmy!  Jesus IS God!”

Luckily, she got distracted and I did not have to get into a deep theological conversation about the origin of God….

Two hands

I was travelling for work  recently, and while I was gone, Z said to her daddy “God gave me two hands so that I can hug Mommy.”


Z told us about her dream last night…

“there was a monster and God pushed him down.  Then he came back up and I knocked him down.  And he tried to eat me and then I ran to mommy and daddy.  That’s what we do when a monster tries to eat us, right, daddy?”